RitG Inc

Rails in the Garden Incorporated (INC9877394) is a partner inclusive Australian group that enjoys operating live steam models in a garden environment on 32mm and 45mm gauge track.  We meet throughout the year by way of Layout Days, Running Days and Exhibitions.
Layout Days
Are days on which our portable running track is erected for operation and maintenance.
Running Days
Are hosted by member's at various times throughout the year.
A small number of Exhibitions are attended each year to display and run the group's portable running track with a view to promoting garden railways.


The formative years date from 1994 when a loose knit group mounted  their first public display at a model railway exhibition.  Early on the name Rails in the Garden was used.  Later, it was changed to Rails in the Garden Operations Group to differentiate the operating group from the growing band of subscribers to the group's newsletter - also called Rails in the Garden. Upon incorporation in 2001, the name was changed to Rails in the Garden Incorporated.


RitG Inc is open for new members.  If you are interested in participating in running days in the greater Sydney area (predominantly Suburban Sydney and the Southern Highlands) and assisting with the maintenance and showing of the group's portable running track, then consider becoming a member.

Interested people are expected to attend a Layout Day or two before applying for membership.  Benefits of membership include the Rails in the Garden magazine and a discount on the back issue CD, Running and Layout Days, boiler testing, liability insurance cover at RitG events, AALS membership, Yahoo Group "ritg-aus" membership and the camaraderie of like minded souls.

Operating Procedures & RitG Boiler Code

All running at an RitG event is required to be in accordance with the RitG Operating Procedures. These have been developed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all at any RitG meeting.

All boilers in use at an RitG event must have a current boiler certificate compliant with either the AMBSC Boiler Code Part 3 - Sub-Miniature Boilers or the RitG Boiler Code. The latest RitG Boiler Code, Issue 7.4 - 2005, came into effect on 12th November 2005.

AMBSC Boiler Code

RitG worked with other Australian garden railway groups and the AMBSC to develop an AMBSC Sub-Miniature Boiler Code.  This was finalised and adopted by the AALS at their 2007 Easter Convention. An exemption to operate under that code was given to AALS members by NSW WorkCover for boilers built, tested and approved according to that code provided they were operated according to the RitG Operating Procedures Issue 3 - 2005.  The AMBSC was to seek approval for the other state jurisdictions.  (RitG Inc is in the AALS and hence RitG members are AALS members and covered by the exemption)

An interesting paper outlining the work undertaken to support the then proposed AMBSC code by the destructive testing of common small boiler end plate joints is available here.  (Note 600kb download)